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About us

ADT Group is a technology company specialising in solutions in the field of services, IT integration and dedicated solutions. With a wealth of experience, the company is now one of the most competent integrators of IT solutions in the Polish market, offering both own products and solutions of other hardware and software providers. The company’s activities focus on the provision of comprehensive IT solutions that meet the needs of our Clients.

Our strategic objective is to build a position that will drive our further growth thanks to the development of our services and products, and extending the scale of our operations. In our day-to-day work we aim for a steady and consistent development, and continuous improvement of quality, extending a range of services offered, increasing our skills and implementing technology innovations that bring benefits to our Clients.

We are a passion-driven team, focused on continuous development and creating value added for our Clients.

Areas of our operation

  • Finance IT solutions for financial institutions: banks, insurance companies, capital market, investment funds
  • Public institutions Dedicated systems for the central administration, local government, education sector, supercomputer centres, healthcare and uniformed services
  • Telco, media and utilities IT solutions for the telecom sector, media, energy and gas sector and municipal companies
  • Infrastructure services Integration of IT systems and processes, managing infrastructure in buildings, data processing centres
  • Competence centre Business Intelligence and ERP IT services for services providing companies, commercial and manufacturing companies

Our services

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Data Security and Backup Solutions
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Software Development
  • VAX / Alpha environments virtualization
  • Consulting Services
  • Implementation services
  • Support and postimplementation services
  • Quality management services
  • Services and processes management
  • Business process modeling
  • Information Security Management

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