We design hardware and software architecture for IT environment which is aimed for data storage, processing and sharing. We offer cost-effective, high performance, easy to manage and scalable solutions. We can help you select and implement the right solution, monitor its performance and keep it operational.

Mass storage systems
A wide range of IT solutions available on the market provide users with the access to a number of storage and processing technologies to handle the ever-increasing amounts of data. Having extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we can offer our Clients a comprehensive service: from design of a customised solution, through implementation to subsequent service maintenance.
As the amount of available data continues to grow so does the computing power needed to maintain the continuity of data processing. Thanks to our experience in working with the largest manufacturers of server platforms, we are able to offer our Clients professional advice and comprehensive project services for servers platforms.
LAN and SAN solutions
Modern IT systems require a high performance network infrastructure designed to prevent bottlenecks in information processing. As confirmed by client testimonials, we have the expertise to provide our Clients with comprehensive support across all project stages, both in terms of upgrading the existing or developing a new LAN or SAN network.
Each IT environment can benefit from using the virtualization technology in a number of ways. These benefits include: more efficient use of the currently available information technologies, reduced maintenance costs of IT infrastructure (Total Cost of Ownership – TCO) and cloud solutions which are specifically tailored to individual business needs. Thanks to our many years of experience supported by know-how, we are able to successfully create and deliver projects, as well as to assist in the provision of associated maintenance services within the Client’s environment. We are the only company in Poland which, in addition to the virtualization of x86 servers, delivers virtualization projects for VAX, ALPHA and SPARC-based platforms.
Comprehensive Data Center equipment
Thanks to our extensive practical experience and knowledge of various technologies, we can both provide consulting services and carry out our own independent projects involving the upgrading of existing data processing centres or the building of new ones. We select, install and maintain the equipment adapted to client requirements, while being able to choose from amongst a number of proven and tested IT solutions.
Outsourcing of infrastructure management
We have a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists at our disposal whose job is to provide our Clients with a range of IT management services. These services are delivered both remotely and locally (at Client's premises). Our technical support staff is available to handle any issues relating to the operation/administration of existing IT solutions, extended warranty and post-warranty services, technical consultations, as well as to assist our Clients in addressing any complex and unusual problems.
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