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ADT Group is a company with ambitious goals and high growth rate. We focus on career starters who wish to develop their competences, acquire new knowledge and skills. By joining our team you will receive intensive training and assistance from older colleagues. Engineers often use our laboratory to experiment (destroy and build from scratch)!

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Our Sales Team has regular contact with the Client and our suppliers. Its role is to help the Client define his needs and propose cost-effective solutions that best meet his requirements. The team members keep up to date with new products appearing on the market.
The Team of Architects (also known as a Pre-Sales Team) supports the sales department by taking part in Client meetings and preparing IT infrastructure projects. One of its tasks is to estimate the value of a designed solution. Each team member is provided with appropriate training, has the necessary qualifications/certifications to perform his job duties and is able to benefit from colleagues’ experience. Thanks to their knowledge and ingenuity, our Clients are provided with solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.
The Team of Engineers is responsible for implementing the projects prepared by the pre-sales department and previously sold by the sales department. After the implementation phase, the team provides maintenance and support services. Its main task is to keep up to date with the most recent knowledge about new technologies. Look at the list of our Partners to learn about the technologies we use. To make sure that the project is delivered to the highest industry standards, our engineers are involved in obtaining certification from major Data Management vendors.
This team is responsible for the entire process of software development. Each team member is assigned a different role: from the design of application architecture, through coding, application maintenance and ongoing testing to business requirements analysis and search for optimal solutions. Our developers work in a stimulating environment allowing them to create customised applications and use a number of different technologies.

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If you’re looking for a job where you can constantly improve your competences and have a real impact on your employer’s development strategy, you are welcome to apply. Here’s what you can expect in the recruitment process:

Selection of applications
First job interview
Second job interview
Job offer
Stage I
Selection of applications

Our first step is to examine all the submitted applications. We select those candidates who, in our opinion, meet specific job requirements. We contact the selected candidates by phone to conduct a short interview, asking them about the basic information they put in their CVs. This is the time to ask questions about your job to make sure that it suits your needs. On request, all applicants can receive information about the current status of their application.

Stage II
First job interview

Those who successfully completed the first stage are invited for a job interview. The interview is typically conducted by a company representative from the HR department and an immediate supervisor of the potential employee. It may take up to one and a half hour. Soft (social) competences and technical skills are being assessed. This may take the form of a brief case study or a knowledge test. At this stage, you are given an insight into how our Company operates, working atmosphere and job expectations. You are welcome to ask questions at this point.

Stage III
Second job interview

The second interview is usually conducted by one of the Board members responsible for a given company department. It takes about one hour. You’ll be asked about your career, relevant working experience and results achieved to date. Your relevant technical expertise will be tested, taking into account the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for.

Stage IV
Job offer

Those given a positive assessment during the recruitment process will be offered a job. The job offer will be communicated by phone and confirmed in writing. The candidates are given time to carefully consider our offer. If everything goes well, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you at work!

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Our employees about ADT

In ADT Group I am employed as an Account Manager. At the stage of searching for a new employer, I was considering first of all companies providing interesting prospects for professional development and guaranteeing a good working atmosphere. ADT gives all that. A group of qualified engineers and competent managers give a chance to spread the wings. ADT is not a company steeped in thousands of procedures, it is a human-oriented enterprise. The door in the company is open to everyone and nothing is impossible. Communicative people who want to learn and have a willingness to work will find themselves in the right place and stay for years. 😉 When applying to ADT, you can be sure that the well-known maxim “from zero to millionaire” can also apply to you – especially if you come to us as an Account Manager. 😉

Monika Gajewska - IT Account Manager

When I was looking for my first job, I wanted it to be interesting and developing. I had experience working with computers and computer networks and searched for job opportunities in companies operating in this sector. The ADT Group offer did not disappoint me. Here I thoroughly got to know most of the technologies from the Data Center area and not only in theory – I had access to a neatly equipped LAB :). Not to be missed is the ability to effectively make decisions in difficult conditions, which I had the opportunity to significantly refine. At ADT, I was never bored and my career did not stay in one place. I started working as a junior engineer, then I dealt with technical support for key clients and was involved in the largest implementations. Now I am a manager of the new department in the company. People who are hungry for knowledge, development and seeking an opportunity to gain a very comprehensive experience in the field of data security and working with critical infrastructure of customers will surely find their place in ADT Group.

Jacek Hirsztritt - Software Development Manager

Working at ADT Group gives me the opportunity to meet many people: professionals from the IT industry, practitioners, as well as people at high organizational levels.  While talking to many clients, I can see different approaches and ways to management of  IT infrastructure, that makes it easy to see what technologies work in which situations. I can apply the acquired knowledge by designing the architecture of our solutions. What I like even more about ADT is good communication and fast decision making. Who will succeed in our company? First and foremost, people who want to learn and are not afraid to undertake challenges, ready for frequent changes and able to deal well with pressure.

Bartłomiej Szczepocki - IT Architects Team Manager

About us...

Our organisational culture is similar to that of a startup company,
although we’ve been established for several years.
We’re enthusiastic about our work and communicate mostly face to face.
We’re on first name terms and know each other’s passions and interests.
Each employee is welcome to submit his ideas on how to improve the functioning of our company.
We don’t need to adhere to any formal working procedures...
although we have systems in place to organise the way our company operates and ensure professional working approach.
Our decision-making processes are fast and transparent.