We are a well-rehearsed team whose ambition is to create software in line with best industry practices and using the latest and proven technology. We deliver projects specifically tailored to client needs and order specifications (Scrum, AgilePM, Prince2).

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Integration of various software / hardware solutions
There is a multitude of software and hardware solutions which are targeted at business users. Each infrastructure element has its own unique interface or functionality and requires a different set of staff competences, resulting in high maintenance and reporting costs. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of infrastructural solutions and innovative approach, we have redefined the process of system integration and achieved the unprecedented level of cooperation and synergy. We’ll help you to extend your equipment functionality, put in place uniform management procedures and automate a number of tedious and time-consuming manual tasks.
Artificial intelligence solutions
Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are extensively used in today's world and this trend is set to increase: from speech recognition and automatic translation into another language, through drone navigation to accurate disease diagnosis based on relevant research. The power of artificial intelligence can also be appreciated from a business perspective where it is used to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes and carry out automatic analysis of large data sets. In addition to the above, AI also enables users to reduce the impact of human error on the results of their work. Our ADT specialists will help you make the most appropriate use of the AI technology and, consequently, make your business more competitive and cost-efficient.
Mobile applications
It is estimated that currently over 70% of all user online activity is carried out from mobile devices. The contemporary consumer is catered to by mobile applications that provide them with information, entertainment or access to their favourite services in a very convenient form. We have managed to achieve the same level of service in the business area by creating dedicated mobile applications that provide an interface to existing or new systems designed for business use.
Desktop applications
Despite being very popular, web and mobile technologies are not always the best option. There are still areas that can be best addressed through desktop applications. Continuous network connection is not something we should take for granted. Sometimes, this type of connection is not recommended. It may also happen that the use of specific equipment or computing power on a given workstation/server is required. A desktop system capable of addressing business issues offline, while remaining fully independent, is an ideal solution in such case.
Technological update of existing solutions
Almost every company has software in place which has not been supported and/or developed for a long time. The use of such systems significantly increases the risk of serious security vulnerabilities, putting the business at risk of data loss or leakage. What’s more, old applications are far behind the modern ones in terms of user convenience, performance levels and available functionalities. ADT can help you rebuild your system from scratch, while ensuring compliance with relevant business requirements. This will require the use of the latest technology – supported and updated – taking into account any change in the preferences of the company staff which are currently using the old application.
Web applications
Lower maintenance costs, enhanced data security or multi-platform solutions are only few of the benefits of using modern web applications. We have combined the latest technology solutions with our knowledge and experience to create ultra modern, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly applications. These applications allow users easy access to all their functionalities from any device with a web browser.
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Selected projects

The first application to manage the Internal Control Template (Matryca Funkcji Kontroli) and the Compliance-related issues in financial institutions, designed to comply with Polish law.

Given the recent legislative developments and changes on the financial market, those involved in internal control audits are likely to face enormous organisational challenges. We’ve decided to create a tool that would facilitate and automate audit and Compliance tasks. When developing our application, we sought to make it as visually appealing, intuitive and convenient to use as the client banking systems.

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