In November 2017, as part of our “ADT Lab” initiative, we organised two workshops entitled “GDPR – Implications for IT departments”. About 20 employees from IT departments and representatives of our Partners attended the workshop.


During the meeting, we discussed the provisions introduced under the new legislation which affect the way IT infrastructure is managed and impose specific requirements on IT environment. The participants were particularly interested in exploring ways of creating personal data backups, as well as in temporary data storage or permanent deletion. Attention was also focused on solutions such as personal data identification, detection of violations and object storage. We also discussed the various stages of adapting the IT infrastructure to the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We hope that our workshop helped the participants adequately prepare for the challenges associated with the implementation of the new law. To assist our clients in navigating this difficult process and use our expertise in system integration, we have prepared an offer for GDPR audit services. You are welcome to contact us for more information.