A number of IT departments are faced with environment-specific challenges due to multiple generations of servers and mass storage devices. These challenges are being successfully tackled through the use of hyper-converged systems that successfully integrate such functions as mass storage and computing capabilities into a single solution. The aim of the “ADT Lab” workshop was to examine the functioning of such a system and find out more about the new products announced by NetApp. The following solutions were discussed in detail: SolidFire, MetroCluster, HCI. We addressed the following issues: How to design an array system that would enable the continuous and uninterrupted operation of company business systems? How to execute the vMotion solution between DataCenters located at a distance of up to 300 km from one another. We presented a case study of our successful MetroClustre implementation.  The workshop participants could observe and test some of the functionalities of the proposed products in a test environment set up specifically for that purpose. The participants asked a number of questions, showing great interest in the subject discussed. The workshop was given a very high rating in terms of content, the expertise of those involved and their ability to communicate in clear and understandable terms.